Traxxas T-Maxx 2.5

Traxxas T-Maxx 2.5 – REVIEW


During the run, it didn’t have much power. It was all over the place, odd time it had power enough to do wheelies.. but then it would get out of tune, and just be a mess. It was not very consistant. It was pretty efficent when it came to fuel consumption, a tank normally lasted me about 45 minutes on a average bash (tuning, Idleing, running). The break in process was pretty straight forward, thanks to Traxxas’ included tutorial DVD. It seems to like to run on the rich side. The steering servo did not have much power at all, it was not very responsive and/or powerful. I had some issues in the transmission when it came to switching from forward to reverse. From forward to reverse was fine, it just would get stuck in reverse and not go forward. The shifting from 1st to 2nd adjustment was pretty easy. Once you get it right, you don’t really have to change it after that. The tires provided pretty good grip all around. The 8 shocks provided great satisfaction, absorbing all the bumps.


After run, it was a mess! Very icky. Typically around the pipe was where the biggest mess was. It was pretty easy to clean, did not involve and de-greasers… thanks to the aluminum chassis. The engine was hot! (Running at about 320F!) I didn’t feel confortable running it again, so I let it sit for a few hours to cool off. The stock tires still looked new, not much wear. I did notice I bent 2 shock shafts though, which I was surprised, since I went over very minor jumps. The air filter was a good size, so it was not needed to be cleaned after EVERY run… depending on conditions. The driveshafts looked like the holded up pretty well.


Overall, It was very durable, no parts broken. Just tuning was inconsistant and I expected better quality servos and better shock shafts. The engine was really hot, even running super rich. I tried running lean and rich, performance wise – It was OK. It provided good power once tuned. If you want a T-Maxx, I would go with the 3.3. The 2.5 ran really hot and didn’t provide much power. Or, upgrade the engine to something better. O.S has a nice .18TM which is a drop in.


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