Traxxas Rustler VXL

Traxxas Rustler VXL – REVIEW


Out of the box, like very Traxxas RC out there, it looked good… Everything looked snug and protected. Transmitter had it’s own box. Before I run it, I looked over it and the steering felt a little sloppy. The body had a nice stiffness to it, wont last after a couple flips and washes. The tires looked good, I was suspecting them to hook up nicely on grass and dirt. The front tires were ribbed, as any standard stadium truck out there. The front bumper didn’t look like it provided much protection though, which was on my list of upgrades to do, RPM would provide a good solution to that problem though.


During the running, it felt fast… Just on the stock 8.4v NiMH battery and charger (which took 6 hours to charge!) The steering was snappy, stock suspension setup was good on little bumps, but as I gradually went to bigger jumps, they just bottomed out. After installing some preload clips, it was much better. Not much flips, everything was low to the ground and was tight. Overall, this thing was quick and agile.


After run, only running on dirt and grass… it was pretty clean, looks like not much got into the interior. The stock Traxxas Velieon motor and ESC started to get hot, so I picked up a Traxxas ESC fan and motor fins… which helped. The tires looked like they started to wear down, the ribbed front tires still looked good. The body held up good, no cracks. The tires felt sloppy now, looked like the bearing carriers need to be replaced already, which wasn’t a very good thing. Later on in the testing, the castor blocks broke… replacing them with STRC aluminum solved the issue. The chassis seems to scratch very easy, which wasn’t much of a big deal. A few bearings need to be replaced, which I replaced with Acer bearings.


Conclusion, it was a quick stadium truck. Everything was low to the ground which provided great traction and less flipping. The truck was agile and light. A little bit of some durability issues though, castor blocks and bearing carriers… which absolutely should be replaced in aluminum. The VXL system had a powerful 3900kv motor, but had some issues with the ESC. Sent it into Traxxas, and they shipped a new one out…. no question asked in my case. The 2.4ghz system was a nice touch, much needed. Do I think it’s race worthy? If you want to put some cash towards a nice aluminum chassis, some minor upgrades… Yeah, I think this could be capable to handle a track… with some fine tuning and upgrades though. This makes a nice basher for someone that runs on pavement and grass, as this is quick and light for pavement… But has ground clearance, and versitile enough to do some dirt and grass bashing. That wraps up our review on the Traxxas Rustler VXL.


  1. i am thinking of buying one and im wondering wether its strong enough to use on a track and on a field

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