Body height mod

Traxxas Slash 4X4 Body Height Modification

This is my first tutorial on a modification on a Slash 4×4. Well, I was looking at my Slash 4×4 and it’s been 2 weeks and I did nothing to it. I wanted to make a mod for for raising the body so I can run 2.8 tires. I was looking around in my toolbox of spare parts with odds and ends and I find this little black end, I have no idea what it’s for so I look at it and realize that I can use this! It will raise the body by about 15mm, that should be enough, If it isn’t you can add another one or cut it in half. I remove the body mount and screw it on, I realize that the screw is too short. I recently bought a RC screwz kit for another brand of RC and look in there. Sure enough, stainless steel… I find out that is about 20mm long, perfect. So I put that one on and it’s a success! My first attempt at my own mod is a success.

This mod will raise the body by 15mm and will be enough to run 2.8 wheels/tires. This will induce chassis role, so your car will flip a bit more at sharp turning . . . not a lot difference though.

3mm hex wrench
M5 x 20mm button screw (recommended: Stainless steel)
Spacer (no idea of the part #, I don’t know what it is!)
And, a Slash 4×4 with body mounts.

I recommend putting a half in the rear, because factory stock.. I find the rear is very low. Note: If you have 2 of these parts added, then you need 40mm screw. If it’s 1 and a half on each screw, then you need a 30mm screw.

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