Project: Muggy to 5Be build

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OK I’ve after seeing a thread from RC-Monster, I have decided to convert my Losi Muggy into a 5B E-Clone.

This will most likely be the last pic of the Muggy in its stock E-Converted form.

The conversion will start as soon as I get my hands on some channel aluminum.

This will when done look just like a 5B at first glance, but will in all actuality be a 4×4 electric brushless beast.

OK well this will be the first post of many to come of the build.

Heres the thread that has put the modding bug in my head once again.

OK its no longer a muggy.
It’s a pile of parts lol

These things come apart so easy, only took around 30 minutes to tear it down.

The front end.

both f/r end

Stock wheel base is 14 inches.

5B wheel base is 22.44 inches.

Will be stretched to just under…..drum roll……………………………………………

Front track width of a 5B with tires is 14.77 inches.

the front end of my muggy without tires.

Well I went every where, one of the long time machine shops is closed for good I guess, I know he had the channel aluminum but no one was home.

Well after all hope was about lost on getting my aluminum today I decided to stop in at Portland Glass, thinking maybe they might use it for maybe doors.

So the guy says NO, and asked what I wanted it for?
I told him I needed it to build an rc and couldnt find any anywhere.
He says WAIT!!! runs out in the shop and comes back with this.

I look at it and ask how much?
He says, take it its yours, anything to help out a fellow rc’er 
He said when I get it done just bring it in so he can see it.

So anyway, I did make some progress 

I’ll let the pics do most of the talking.

Just a little bigger.

Had to do a little grinding for the spur gear.

I need a bigger bench lol

Still a long way to go, but its starting to take shape.

How about a few comparison shots.

With old chassis.

OK the bigger question, how does it compare to my E-XXLST2

Well is it bigger than the E-XXLST2……………………….Well DUH!!!!!! lol

I’ll get more done in time, just going to take a few pay checks to build this one.

Well the 1717 showed up yesterday, but didnt have time to work on it but grabbed an hour today to get back to it.

Had to notch the chassis and eeeeeek mod the Rc-Monster motor mount so the screws would pass through it, but it wouldn’t be a project
if there wasn’t modding lol

Anyway on to the pics

Man what a can this thing is lol

All mounted up.

My beast is coming together nicely.

I think there will be plenty of room for battery packs hahaha

Checked and re-checked my funds and was able to snag a new complete roll cage on evilbay, so more progression next week.

Just for kicks I threw in 6s and just threw on my spare 23 toth pinion just to see what the motor sounded like.

Well all I got to say is OMG!!!!!!!! even without the front shaft hooked up it was spinning tire in a big way in my cellar.

I was shall we say a little shocked that just the 50k diff oil was allowing it to actually turn tire hahahaha

Throttle control shouldn’t be real hard with this beast, even with locked center diff, if the front 5b tires are the sane height there will be no problems locking the cd, if they are different I’ll just run rears front, and rear.

Well the Muggy rear chassis brace was in the way of running the 15 tooth pinion I wanted to run, I had to make one that wasn’t in the way of that Coke can of a motor I’m using.

With the use what I got attitude I looked at what I had laying around that wouldnt look like ka ka

Well found I had two extra Muggy shock tower mount plates and some chassis rails from an old PTI Golioth I used to have and came up with this.

I think it looks pretty good, and it is very solid.

Things were still tight so I had to make a little space for the black wire on the motor.

Over all I think it looks pretty mean so far.

Also added a LST2 rear shock mount to stand up the rear shocks and flipped around the a-arm shock mounts to give it more of a buggy stance.

Gave it just the rite rake for a buggy.

No sound but you get to see its actual first run.

Well this might have been a big mistake.

Diff didn’t like it much unloading so much 

Well I was able to get the gears out and back in place where they are ment to sit and then.

This Diff Is Locked lol

Well body arrived, I removed all the stickers and shot it with flat black lol

Had to stick it together with some duck tape just to see how it would look.

Can’t wait for the roll cage to get here so I can really see what its going to look like.

Needed risers, a few old brass bushings were just the rite size to even everything out.

Front end

Rear end

Man this thing is huge

After roll cage shows I’ll start in on battery mounts.

Hope the cage and Diff cases show tomorrow, looking forward to some fabrication 

Got my aluminum diff cases today and got them painted up earlier today.

Old diff case off and it still looks good from this summers rebuild, the insides looked great and not even any discoloration of the diff fluid, it still was crystal clear in both diffs.
Actually I totally rebuilt them and only ran the truck 4-6 times after that.

All ready to go back together.

Back in place.

Wait, What Have I Done lol

Had to go with the LST-2 shock tower up front also, it makes the chassis sit nice and level.

Oh ya I was supposed to post it with my grandsons 2 inch extended pede lol

Ok well the cage did come so I got to work, still not done but got front and rear tied in, still need to tie in the center roll bar.

Set it in place to have a first look.

Front mount in place.

Ended up using the old wing mount for rear cage mount. Temp until I get 5b rear bumper.

really starting to take shape.

OK my camera finally is here so I took a few pics, still not used to all the settings on this camera, but I think I’m going to like it.

Pardon my messy bench 

Well my extended hexes and 5B rims and tires showed up 

No video today but I did get some pics.

Well thats todays offering, hope you enjoyed the pics as much as I enjoyed getting them for you guys 


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