Looks like Traxxas is releasing something!

It’s about time that Traxxas is to release a new platform (not 100% it’s a new platform). The amount of anticipation that they are making us Traxxas owners suffer for is just plain annoying. But, this also means it could be something big.

They released the following things so far:
1) It must have a X in it.
2) It is in the $1,000 price range
3) Official Traxxas product number is 6407
4) Release date is November 30th
5) It has been built and some Traxxas employees already have it.
6) Some hobby shops already have them ordered.

It better be good, the waiting time is killing us!

Here is what the website looks like:


About TraxxasBrothers

we are the Traxxas Brothers. A bunch of kids, with a hobby.

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