HPI Baja 5B

HPI Baja 5B review


So I just finished up the first tank, which means the break-in period is almost over. I had a lot of fun with this beast of a RC. Out of the box, it is HUGE! I felt bad for the maillady (Yes, she was a lady). Once this thing showed up at my door, I had to rip it open. It’s really difficult to make a unboxing video for something you have been waiting for ever since you got into the hobby, you just want to rip it open. The Baja came with many accessories needed to be run, shock fluid, air filter oil, basic tools, and some 2 stroke oil. Only thing you needed was AA batteries and fresh gas. Now I spent the first 2 days looking over it, installed a few upgrades and tightened screws and adjusted the shocks. I was really amazed how beefy everything looks. Looks real good. I first installed RPM a-arms all around with Team Chase shock uprights. Then I wanted to add a little more ‘bling’ to it so I installed a billet aluminium pull start handle and gas cap. Since it’s getting to winter time, I went and bought some 2 stroke snowmobile oil synthetic blend (Do not use full synthetic during break in period, because Bajas do not have power valves). I did my own version on a break in method, which follows:


  1. Run 25:1 mix and idle it for 10 mins
  2. Let it cool down
  3. Idle for another 10 mins
  4. Cool down again
  5. Idle for 5 mins
  6. Then go easy on gas for 10 mins
  7. Cool down
  8. Go no more then half throttle until you used up the first tank.
  9. Second tank, do full throttle a few times and have fun.


Since winter time was coming, darkness approaches fast… Do you know what that means? No, don’t put it away for the night, Install lights!


I picked up some Ramtech lights to go in to pods, and Craftwerks light strip to mount onto the rear wing. It was also a hassle to remove the airfilter to oil it, so I bought a easy clearance filter with a TGN thin redneck layer. I also felt the tires do not last long at all, and since I run on gravel, mud, grass, snow and dirt, I picked up a set of Hostile All terrains. Although it rarely flips, I wanted to widen it so I bought some extenders. I read up on some good upgrades and found that Killer RC ‘Killer Kables’ saves your shocks from overextending, thus saving $100 shocks. I wanted to also upgrade the shock towers to aluminium, so I bought Turtle racing’s shock tower w/ mount combo in silver. I noticed during the first run, I got mud and grass EVERYWHERE! I found myself cleaning out the pull start, flywheel and air filter. Outerwears makes a nice solution to blocking all this crap from getting into those areas.


Now I had this tuned nicely and went for a run, It was a blast. This soaked up all the bumps no problem at all. I love how this rarely flips and just slides into corners beautifully. The part I was really scared of is when you are on the landing part of a jump and see a huge 32”, 25lb Baja coming straight for you, ouch. You better plan on a good area to see both where it enters the jump and the lands without you being injured. This thing soaring through the air makes me think like I’m driving the real thing, it also jumps fairly level. The 23cc engine provides just enough power to go through mud and thick dirt. I do plan on upgrading to a Zenoah 28cc or something similar.


Cleaning this thing is not easy. Be prepared to spend a hour or more to get this in good condition before the next run. Mud loves to get into little crevasses, I recommend getting Outerwears because you can just remove the Outerwears and clean it with just water.


In snow and sand, well up here in Canada… we don’t have sand dunes like people in SoCal or Mexico. We get snow. Now at the time I’m writing this review, It’s just about to snow in a few weeks and we can’t provide you with a review in it going through snow. But in a few weeks, we will update this review.


Overall, this thing is insane. Durable and huge! Once you get a 1/5th scale, the chances are that you wont go back to anything smaller. Although you will find parts expensive compared to 1/10th scales, it’s a blast to upgrade and run. A full tank does last about 45 mins, which will match up to the length of the receiver pack, which I recommend upgrading to DDM’s black magic 5000mah battery pack. I do recommend upgrading parts to RPM and upgrade the shock towers to aluminium (remember, no Integy!) but this comes pretty well built and will last quite a long time depends how hard you drive it.




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