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Aluminum vs Plastic – Brands and Tips

Choosing the right brands when it comes to parts.

Most people do not do their research when it comes to buying parts that are either aluminum or plastic. Most people go by whats the cheapest and by looks. If you are paying for something thats $40, and something thats another brand is $60… the $60 part might come with a better warantee and/or better quality material used, thus it lasting longer then the cheaper part, which might break and you will end up paying $80 for another part. Integy is known to be the cheapest in quality. They might be cheaper and look more cool, but in the long run… let’s just say that they are known to be a soft as butter. STRC, Golden Horizons, REM and Fastlanemachine are known to be top-notch brands, standing by their quality.

What if I don’t have the money?

then dont go with aluminum.  Aluminum is expensive in general. Maybe go with plastics, no, not the cheap stock stuff. RPM is known to produce great quality parts at minimal cost. They are likely to replace your part if broken for free.

What should I replace with aluminum or plastic?

Well, depending on your vehicle, this may vary. Generally, you want zero slop and zero flex in all four outer cornors of the vehicle. This includes steering blocks/castor blocks, bearing carriers, wheel adapters.  So you would replace those with aluminum. Steering rods/links, tie rods, turnbucles should be replaced with titanium, Lundsford racing provides these parts in titanium. Parts like a-arms, shock towers (in some cases), etc should be left/replaced with plastic.


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