Traxxas Slash 4×4


So this is my first review blog post, so cut me some slack on quality 😀

Out of the box, it looked great. Packaging was nicely done. The box came with some tools and a helpful manual and exploded views with part numbers. Just pushing it around felt like it had minimal resistance and shocks were set up nicely. I charged the included 8.4v NiMH battery with the included charger. Took super loooong to charge (6 hours!) That was a painful 6 hours of just staring at this beauty. Once it was charged up, I popped the battery in, synced the radio system (to make sure I have no run aways)

I started testing out the accleration and steering. It felt pretty tight, the included tires sticked decently on hard dirt. Doing some little jumps, I felt like i could control the truck mid air much easier then other RCs. (4wd of course). Driving in grass was pretty good too, it flipped a couple times. This is box stock, zero modifications and/or adjustments.

After run, the truck did look dirty… The body did not hold up as well as I hoped. I already had cracks in it from flipping it. Weak points were the rear where the bumper is and the body mount holes. I didn’t expect it to be extremly tough, but it would be appreciated. Then I took the body off to see what was going on in the insides, the ESC was pretty cool, same as the motor. The chassis is what sticked out them most, a completely redesigned chassis from the original 2wd Traxxas Slash. The chassis consists of triangles to absorb the shock from bumping around. The center driveshaft was completely scratched up, rocks got into there and dented and scrached off the paint from the driveshaft. I removed the clear cover so I can get all the little rocks out, which was a chore. The body mounts started bending, I would wish they were much stronger. Taking a peek at the tires, they didn’t wear down at all.. After solid bash after bash, they look brand new (dirty, of course) and provided O.K traction on most surfaces.

Upgrades, run after run, I had to upgrade the following parts on my Slash 4×4:

RPM shock towers

RPM A-arms

New body – Proline Desert Rat

RPM Rear bumper

RPM Front bumper

STRC aluminum body mounts

RPM nerf bars

Big bore shocks

That’s what I had by the time I made this review.

Conclusion, I think the Traxxas Slash 4×4 is a much better racer then basher. If you want to bash around, I would get a Slash 2wd, since it’s much more durable. Driving this around the track felt good, with Proline Calibers, it felt like it was on rails. Durability could of been improved. Is it worth the money? If you want to dump about $300 on useful upgrades, it is. If you are more bashing then racing, I would get a Slash 4×4.

Rating: 4 star


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