Project: 1/10 Summit to E-Revo

Hypososis: Convert a 1/10 Traxxas Summit to a Traxxas E-Revo

This is a pretty basic project, since both vehicles are on basically the same chassis. The difference between the two is that the Summit is more of a monster truck (not classified as a crawler) than the E-Revo. With remote locking diffs and 2 speed transmission… This makes a great trail machine.

This conversion includes some upgrades, to make it better.

We are going to start off from it’s tires, the E-Revo has Traxxas Talon tires, which are horrible. So we are going to not buy the Talons, but some Proline Trenchers, which are a great all-around tire.

For the body, we are going to go with the Prographix body. What I like about the prographix is that it has fancy designs and the final color is up to the buyer. If you want your body say, red, you can pick up some red paint and paint it red for a few coats and your ready to go. Great body for beginners. So pick up any color you want. 

Next is the suspension, they both have the rocker system, but the Summit has softer springs…  Pick up some stiffer springs for the E-Revo.

The Summit and E-Revo both have different bumpers, front and back.  So you are going to want to buy the 1/10 E-revo bumpers.

So thats basically it, to remove the remote locking diffs and 2 speed transmission… you are going to need to do some modification.. remove servos and such.

Note: We are not 100% sure that all these parts will work on the E-Revo.

  1. can you put the items name that i wont to convert like the transmission the DIFFERENTIAL to change ?

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