Traxxas Stampede XL-5

Traxxas Stampede XL-5 – REVIEW

Out of the box, it looked good. The body stands much heigher then the Rustler and the Bandit. The Traxxas Talon tires are mean looking tires, which tops off the Stampede. Pushing it around, I felt that it had minimal resistance and the suspention not only looked great, but felt good too. The chassis is stick style, Traxxas tried to keep it as thin as possible. The truck was light too, but I’m curious how it will handle at high speed turning. I could feel that all the weight is in the rear, so I’m expecting some big wheelies. I did notice that getting the body clips on in the rear, they were really difficult, required me to bend them.


During bashing, for a brushed system… it was fast! The Stampede did wheelies on demand, with the included 8.4v NiMH battery. I even tried going down in power with a 7.2v NiMH, still did wheelies! The Talon tires did not provide great traction, except for on pavement. The tires were usless when it came to conditions very soft and loose. The steering servo provided lots of torque, and the steering was tight. The truck was pretty tippy, but I didn’t expect much for truck like this. The suspension was perfect, no adjustments were needed. Overjumps, this was sort of tippy and hard to control the pitch in the air, but that didn’t matter… It seemed to level out in the air automatically, no matter the degree of the jump. But I did notice is it jumps better at higher speeds.


After the run, the tires are still in excellent condition. Steering still was tight. I could notice the driveshafts starting to wear, which will need to be replaced. The body had no cracks, held up good. The motor was pretty warm, the ESC was cool. Only thing that broke was a castor block, which was replaced by Traxxas Aluminum Castor blocks.


Conclusion, this is a all-around good truck. Great truck for beginners. It does epic wheelies and is a mean looking truck. I thought too much weight was in the back that when it came to soft and loose conditions, the front tires will float and not turn very well. The tires were not the greatest, in loose conditions, they were useless (Proline Trencher 2.8s will fix that). The shocks were really nice, had no issues whatsoever with them, they needed no adjustments for what I was testing on. The front bumper was useless, I think adding the Stampede VXL’s front bumper… that would be more useful and look cooler. The stick chassis felt really light and durable. Unlike the Rustler and Bandit, it has a skid plates which adds to the durability of the truck. Overall, this was a durable truck… not much parts broke but a little castor block. Do I think this truck is more for racing or bashing? Bashing. This truck is a complete basher. It’s durable and agile when stock and does not require a pro to tune it.


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