Project: Monster Slash

Hypothesis: Convert the Traxxas 2wd Slash VXL into a Monster truck.

Basically, the idea here is to convert the Slash into a Monster truck.


First thing you will need is 17mm hex wheel adapters, this will make you be able to use 1/8th scale tires and wheels.

Next is the wheels and tires combo, I’d recommend Maximizer wheels  and Imex Swamps. Now, since the maximizers are beadlocks, you will not need to do any gluing. You can use any combo you want, you can go huge 4.2s but you have the risk of having slow turning and/or not having enough torque in your motor to turn the wheels, thus overheating.

Next is body mounts, this will allow you to adjust how high you want your body to be. Having a higher body will result in more room for the tire. If you are running 3.8 wheels/tires you might want a higher body for those. You can use RPM’s adjustable body mounts

Now for the body itself. Feel free to use any body you want, basically imagine the body with a lift kit on your Slash. If it doesn’t look right, look at another one. We personally, used the Jconcepts Ford Raptor SVT… which includes adjustable body mounts, but are cheap and brittle.

Finally, you might want a more powerful servo… After a while using the stock one, it will wear out and be useless. Do some research in finding a more ‘torque’ servo. We used the  Savox Titanium gear, high torque. 

So thats the basic ingredients in making a monster truck Slash. Once you build it, you might want to add more things… Feel free.

The products that were hyperlinked forwarded to Towerhobbies and Savox’s website, if they are broken… Search for the item on Towerhobbies and contact us. 

Note: We did not use all the products used in this Project, from research they should work.




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