New forum!

Hey bashers and racers,

So the forum is back up, with a new name…
Intense R/C!
Click here to visit it!
Feel free to make a account, and start posting…

Have fun!


Our 1 year anniversary!

That’s right, it’s been 1 year. Since we ever clicked the button that said Create YouTube Account. We are very proud of the views and positive comments we received, and all the YouTube PMs saying keep up the good work! We received over 60,000 total views.

New Modifications!

Hey bashers/trashers/racers,

It’s been a while, we have been experimenting with our RC trucks and especially with the Slash 4×4. It’s a really awesome truck. Anyways, there is a new region on the website… If you hover over the tab; RC Modifications you will see a series of RCs along with some mods that we have done. Not all of the RCs have special mods, but we do haves some tricks up our sleeves. So stay tuned, and keep on bashin’


No Baja 5B? But a Slash 4×4!

Hey guys, sorry but we had some problems with the Baja getting here so we cancelled the order. Also, we are getting a lot of snow! (Over a foot over the past week) and we are getting so much that we can’t take the RCs for a spin! We thought that we would stick with Traxxas due to the durability, electronic waterproofing, etc is the right way to go. I saw many Traxxas trucks that we could get, but non were right for us. We loved the Slash, lots of upgrades, it’s durable and it’s a amazing truck. The Traxxas Slash 4×4 would be amazing! So we will get some paddle tires of it and we will post a video soon! We have the Traxxas Slash 4X4 all ready to go. BTW, it’s Greg Alder Edition.

PS, we have some panther paddle tires on the Stampede right now.. So stay tuned for the next video!

Happy Holidays!
~Traxxas Brothers

HPI Baja 5B Color – polls over

Hey, so we have 195 subscribers.. so that means the polls go up.

Blue = 44%
Red = 32%
Grey = 24%

–Blue it is!

HPI Baja 5B Color Poll


Traxxas has a new website!

Lots of website are being updated! Such as Traxxas, RCPlanet, and more!

Here is a screenshot of Traxxas’ and RCPlanet’s new sites…

New Forum!

After a few suggestions, we decided to make a forum! You can click on the “Forum” page on this website and create a account!

Have fun guys,
Traxxas Brothers.


3 New RCs!?! Back to back!

Guess what? Not only Traxxas came out with the Rally… But a 1/16 Summit VXL, 4X4 Stampede VXL, and a  Slash VXL. Check out our channel for the videos!

We have a new Traxxas!!!

Yes, Traxxas Stampede!
Check out the video of it